China’s pandemic department used to be a huge field. However, it fell into a state of crisis as the regime seeks to live with the virus.

Under the pressure of protests against draconian lockdown measures, the Chinese Communist Party eased restrictions.

In addition, the regime abruptly abandoned most controls, including mandatory PCR mass testing across much of the country.

During the pandemic, people whose work related to the pandemic or provided quarantine services did well. These industries grew into large-scale businesses with powerful employers during the pandemic.

According to analysts, China planned about $52 billion in outbreak-related spending this year. Those industries accounted for a large chunk.

However, more than 30 local governments have canceled tenders for services and products related to the pandemic in the past two weeks. Shares of companies reaping huge profits from mass PCR testing have slipped this month. Shanghai Rhine Inspection fell 11%, Guangdong Cape fell 8%, and Dean fell 5%.

Wang, a Beijing resident, said that she was very happy to hear that the Chinese regime had loosened pandemic policy. However, a day later, she lost her job.

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