On May 15th, authorities announced that lockdown restrictions in Shanghai had been eased from May 16th, but residents are still under lockdown in their areas.

Recently, a man filmed daily life in his residential area to reveal the truth.

In the video, he said he was in the most severe epidemic area in Shanghai-Pudong New Area on May 16th.

He films his community and says that Shanghai hasn’t been unblocked. He can’t understand the media news. His neighborhood has been closed for 60 days, and still, no one can go out.

No one can leave the community. Every day is non-stop nucleic acid and antigen testing. But then, every day, they must rush to grab food, and supplies are never resolved. The actual situation is that they are starving.

He has a question about the news announced in the media. If only 500,000 to 700,000 people in a city of 28 million people can resume work and resume production, can it be called the lifting of the ban and unblocked?

To prove the truth of his words, he showed the entrance to the community area and said it had been closed since March; it has railings in front of the door. He also pointed out that there are still barriers on the side of the roads in Shanghai.

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