The Shaanxi 陕西 Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference announced on March 8, patients in this round of epidemic in Shaanxi Province who were infected with the BA.2 evolutionary branch of Omicron variant strain. The branch spreads faster and is more infectious, and the current round of the epidemic has seen at least three generations of transmission from the first case reported to now, and spread from Xi’an 西安to Baoji 宝鸡, Hanzhong 汉中, and Shanxi Province, with a high risk of subsequent aggregated outbreaks.

As of 12:00 noon on March 8, 4,922 close contacts have been tested in Shaanxi Province, and 11,791 people have been classified as secondary contacts, for a total of 16,713 people in total. Nucleic acid testing in the main city of Xi’an has been conducted since the early hours of March 7, and 8.92 million people have been sampled. Xi’an city temporarily controls 201 high-risk sites with a total of 85,889 people.

The confirmed case in Hanzhong City is Wen Moumou 文某某 in Lueyang County. His contact tracing spreads across pharmacies, markets, subways, high-speed railways, Lueyang 略阳 County Government, Luoyang County Rural Revitalization Bureau, Lianghekou两河口 Village, Paifangba 牌坊坝Village, Gaojiaxia高家峡 Resettlement Site of Xingzhou兴州 Sub-district Office of Lueyang County, and Xingzhou, Lueyang County, Street Office Conference Room, Rongcheng荣程 Middle School in Lueyang County. He even attended meetings and went to schools for activities.

After the emergence of cases, Baoji City issued a notice on March 8, requiring people not to leave the city unless it is essential to do so. The areas included are: Baoji City, Jintai 金台 District, Weibin 渭滨 District, Chencang 陈仓 District, High-tech Zone, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens. Child care institutions suspended offline teaching, all types of off-campus training institutions suspended business, universities and colleges to implement closed management, teachers and students non-essential not to go out.

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