Apollo.com reported on May 2 that under Shanghai’s strict and lasting closure, its citizens were pushed to the brink. As a result, they find various ways to express their voice of resistance.

After the video “The Voice of April” was blocked by the Chinese regime, another called “Whoops from Shanghai” soon replaced it, expressing the angry voices of Shanghai residents.

The new video showed even more violence from the authorities and the increasing anger of people.

At over 4-minutes-long, the video begins with people’s shouts under overcast skies. They scream out:
“Sky under communism is the dark sky.”
“Communists are all shameless.”
“Bandits used to be on the mountains; now police are bandits.”
“We have two children. Two years old children are at home alone. Do you have a conscience? Do you have children?.”

The video highlights the current dire state of the people. They were not provided with food by the regime. It was just left to rot. People waited in line for PCR tests under heavy rain without a cover. A woman and her child had to spend the night outside in high winds waiting for medical services, only for authorities to say no services were available.

The video ends with the sentence “Life needs truth,” seemingly hoping to convey part of the truth in the country’s financial hub.

The city was placed under complete lockdown at the beginning of April. Stress begins to take its toll on individuals who are confined for an extended period.

The first video, “The Voice of April,” lasted 6 minutes, showing citizens moaning about the shortage of food and medication and the city’s draconian measures.

Overnight, netizens battled social media censors to post the epidemic-catching footage. Nevertheless, by April 23, authorities had removed all direct references from Weibo.

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