Take your robot dog for a walk: new trend among Chinese youth

Chinese social networks have seen a recent upsurge in images and videos of young people walking robot dogs on the street. This is the new trend.

Robot dogs are machines and cannot be compared with affectionate pets. However, many young people still love them and buy them because of their advantages: they don’t need food and care. Therefore, busy people still choose robot dogs as companions instead of real pets.

Robot dogs have basic functions such as following the owner, sitting, rolling, and carrying heavy objects up to 5 kg (11 pounds). The camera on the robot dog’s head allows it to avoid obstacles and identify its owner.

According to Chinese media, it is not difficult for people to own a robot dog. Many domestic technology companies such as Tencent, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and so on. have all deployed the production of robot dogs. These robot dogs are priced from nearly 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan (about $1,400 to $14,000), depending on the included functionality and battery life.

Although robot dogs are slowly gaining popularity, there are also ethical and legal concerns about their use. For example, camera clusters installed on the robot may invade personal privacy, and there is no law in China for robot pets.

Shanghai maritime police seize more than 200 tons of smuggled frozen goods

As reported by Jimu News, Shanghai Pudong Maritime Police Bureau seized a ship illegally carrying frozen products on October 9, arrested 7 people involved, and seized more than 200 tons of smuggled frozen products.

Law enforcement officers boarded the ship for an inspection and discovered that the suspect vessel contained frozen products such as beef and bacon without a certificate of legal origin.

Authorities have coordinated with the epidemic prevention department to take samples and destroy the frozen products involved in the case.

In addition, the people involved were subjected to nucleic acid testing and quarantine. The case is under investigation.

No infected cases, but many places in Shanxi remain under lockdown 

China’s 20th National Party Congress is approaching. This important event for government officials will be held in Beijing in a few days. Therefore, preparation and security work is always in focus. In addition, disease prevention measures have also been strengthened.
According to Chinese media, many places in Shanxi adjacent to Beijing announced static management. Additionally, no cases have been found in Yongji City, Yuncheng City, but the whole city is under lockdown, and no one is allowed to go out for 3 days. Nucleic acid testing is also conducted once a day.

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