After the CCP’s 20th National Congress closed, many observers predict that the CCP will soon face many difficulties. According to the news on October 25, one of the most worrying dangers has come to roost.

Sound of Hope commentator Wen Zhao, said in the latest live broadcast that Cai Qi and Li Qiang appointments to the Standing Committee may lead to the introduction of new rules and regulations. Li’s city lockdown policy in Shanghai caused a disaster and Cai was known for expelling “the low-class” in the winter of 2017. There was no pandemic at that time. Cai merely tried to flatter Xi Jinping. Cai’s appointment means that the underground rules have turned into official regulations and officials at all levels will start to harm the people to show their allegiance.

At this time, a new wave of the pandemic has begun, and CCP officials will compete with each other to deploy the “zero-COVID” campaign along with hiding the actual situation of the pandemic. And people’s suffering along with the CCP crisis also begins here.

The pandemic in Xinjiang is in a dangerous situation, and it is believed that the symptoms this time are different.

An Urumqi resident asked on the internet if anyone was infected and suffered from extreme pain? She said that her whole family was infected and the general symptom was that their whole body, especially from the waist down hurt so much that they wanted to cut their legs off.  

The pandemic resurfaced in Datong, Shanxi province. According to data released by the CCP Medical and Health Commission, Shanxi recorded 146 new cases on the October 24. But the reality seems to be more serious.

Sound of Hope said that a netizen who posted on Weibo said that the outbreak in Datong frightened people, and made people in Hubei remember the Wuhan crisis from before.

Many Shanxi residents were upset with Datong because it has been silent for weeks while dozens of new cases are added every day, but the official report is zero. Emergency rooms at the city’s hospitals are closed, two or three hospitals are no longer able to control the pandemic, and medical supplies are in serious shortage.

Xining, Qinghai did not report any new cases, but suddenly announced the city went into lockdown on the afternoon of October 24, allowing people only one hour to get home, which immediately caused traffic jams in the city. 

A netizen remarked that public transportation is so packed that some people can’t even get home.

Another Xining resident complained that the sudden lockdown did not allow people to prepare. A pregnant woman had to walk over 6 miles to get a prenatal appointment. A very sick elderly person couldn’t get treatment due to power cuts in the elevator.

And the vegetable price is sky high. But tomorrow there may not be any vegetables. People are running out of food.

Another Xining resident pointed out that during the lockdown, the government did not pay salaries to civil servants.

A video from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, shows that at the beginning of winter, many people are forced to spend the night outdoors to quarantine.

These heartless and brutal policies cause resistance among people. A mass protest recently happened at Tongji University in Shanghai on October 24. The reason was that only one confirmed case was found in the dormitory, and the school ordered all the students to be transferred to quarantine cabins. The students then organized a protest, refused to go and hoped that the government would control the pandemic.

In addition to the pandemic, the outcome of the CCP’s 20th National Congress also means more crises. For example, according to Hong Kong media (Sing Tao Daily), Li Shangfu, who is sanctioned by the U.S., is the top of the four new members of the CCP Central Military Commission, and will certainly take over as CCP defense minister in March next year. This is an arrangement meant to “show power” to the United States, and in the future, the China-U.S. confrontation will certainly be more intense.

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