A strange children’s song called “Recite Ancient Poems and do nucleic Acids” went viral on the Chinese internet before getting removed to avoid public criticism. The related keyword is also being censored on Weibo and WeChat. The song rhymed famous ancient poets’ sentences with “doing nucleic acids” which people think is ridiculous and that it deserved to be the joke of the century.

“Looking at the waterfall from the Qianchuan River from a distance”, Li Bai and I are doing nucleic acids”

“Looking at Master Wang for another year, Lu You and I are doing nucleic acids”

“Parking and sitting in love with Fenglin, Du Mu and I are doing nucleic acids”

“Everyone line up and do nucleic acids together”

The lyric was found very disturbing, especially when using children to promote nucleic acids. 

The video’s introduction reads, to “‘Recite Ancient Poems and Take Nucleic Acids’ will enrich the community’s cultural life, enhance positive energy in the continuous fight against the epidemic, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic for the whole society. We would like to thank the children and parents of the Children’s Small Band for their hard work in making this short film. Thanks to Secretary Lin Ling, deputy director of the Gulou District Customs Work Committee, for his encouragement and support for this work.”

People think the video has been shot by official agencies for pandemic prevention propaganda. 

In March 2020, a children’s song called “The Fangcai Cabin Hospital was Amazing” widely circulated over the internet and was rated as “the most frightening song since the epidemic.”  People recall the song and believe the joke has reached a new level.

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