The number of new confirmed cases increased sharply in Guangzhou and Chongqing, marking an escalation in the pandemic.

Local officials have extended the closure of Haizhu district in Guangzhou for the fourth extension. Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University also reported new positive cases on campus.

Guangdong province reported on November 18 that 9,431 new cases were added on the 17th, bringing the total number of infections in the outbreak from October 22 to more than 57,000 as of today.

The Haizhu hotspot has deployed more than 2,400 medical staff into high-risk areas to conduct COVID testing for the community. In addition, authorities at a Guangzhou city press conference reported that at present, Guangzhou has opened six makeshift hospitals with a capacity of more than 20,000 beds and deployed more than 4,000 medical staff.

On November 17, Guangzhou’s Liwan district also added four high-risk areas. They also extended the blockade period and temporarily stopped schooling at elementary schools, middle schools, and kindergartens.

Students of Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University told Epoch Times reporters on November 17 that two positive nucleic acid cases were found on the south campus. As a result, the south campus has been closed, and several school gates and buildings are sealed. Students in other facilities can go to the canteen, but they must be in the dormitory for the rest of the time.

Students say that the Chinese Communist Party’s announcements are unclear and contradictory. “I hope the information can be more transparent rather than hiding it.”  

Chongqing City also reported a spike in infections on November 18. On November 17, 4,666 new cases were added, mainly in Jiangbei, Jiulongpo, and Yubei counties.

According to a press conference in Chongqing on November 17, eight Fangcangs [square cabins], including Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chongqing School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shizishan, opened their cabins to infected people.

By November 17, 16,960 asymptomatic infected people were quarantined in the square cabins. 

Chongqing implemented a soft closure in the city and notified people to be silent for seven days. The entry” Chongqing citizens spontaneously silent for seven days” was widespread on Weibo in mainland China.

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