On June 10, a violent incident occurred in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. Several men harassed and beat a woman, which aroused widespread public attention.

It is believed that many local government officials reportedly covered up the group of men who beat the woman to act in such an uncontrolled manner. Some facts spread by residents show that this suspicion could be well-founded.

According to ET, on June 11, a police report on the incident was posted on the Internet. It was reported that police received a call about the incident at 2:41 a.m but did not arrive on the scene until 6:09. Only 3 out of 9 people who assaulted the women were arrested.

Under great pressure from the public, on the afternoon of June 11, Tangshan police announced that the last person involved in the case was arrested.

Notably, netizens discovered that a person involved in the assault of the woman could be a local police officer. Video recording of the incident shows that a person has the word “police” on his shoulder.

The incident happened in Tangshan City. However, the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department assigned the case investigation to the Langfang City Police. This makes netizens even more convinced that the suspicion of Tangshan police being involved in the assault is well-founded.

Apollo News said that corruption in Tangshan is severe. Many officials have been accused of covering up for gangster organizations, and, as a result, there have been several cases of officials being investigated and fired.

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