China tightens restrictions in Guangzhou as a rise in COVID cases is reported, causing large-scale protests by workers in Haizhu District. It’s one of the areas where COVID shows no sign of abating during the long-term lockdown.

On the evening of November 14, people in many places rushed to demonstrate.

Many videos have spread on the Internet showing demonstrations in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou and some small areas in the Tianhe District. Excited people were smashing barricades and rushing out on the road. They stormed the Haizhu District Authority at one point and confronted anti-epidemic staff. They’re also against the police, even gathering to overturn police cars.

The people’s strong resistance also worried the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. They dispatched many SWAT police to the scene. The police used many methods to suppress the protesters, such as spraying water cannons and using force. Many people were arrested and taken away. 

Additionally, netizens vigorously discussed the news that police violently suppressed the demonstrations and that some people were hit by live ammunition. Video shared by residents shows one person lying down in a pool of blood on the street, surrounded by staff wearing protective gear giving him first aid. Sources from netizens said that the man could not have survived after the incident.

Information from a Twitter account said that the protest of immigrant workers in Guangzhou occurred because they had to pay for everything instead of the guaranteed free supplies initially promoted by the CCP.

Currently, the COVID pandemic situation in Haizhu has not changed. And the local lockdown required has been extended twice. People can’t hope the lockdown will be lifted any day soon.

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