On July 14, a resident of Lane 1320, Linfen Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, complained online that the neighborhood committee had come to his door and forced a 98-year-old man to be vaccinated. The video went viral on the Internet, causing a wave of backlash.

A video was posted by an old man’s family member “Wang Wang de Senbei,” on July 14, showing his family members going to the neighborhood committee to clarify the matter. A woman questions a neighborhood committee employee:

“You just said, your secretary thinks that the doctor has determined the vaccination, and my 98-year-old family member must be vaccinated, right? Then, please bring the identification text and documents out here (for verification)?”

Committee officer: “That’s what was signed at that time, isn’t it?”

The old man’s family angrily said: “Why don’t you inform our family members about vaccination? My grandfather is 98 years old with a hearing problem. When you came to the house, my grandfather didn’t say yes to the injection, he didn’t say anything, did he? You also said he didn’t say anything about the vaccination … and yet he signed it?”

Committee officer: “It’s already signed. But I don’t know who signed it, I have to ask to find out.”

The old man’s family: “What I wonder about is my grandfather’s signing to agree to be vaccinated. He didn’t sign it, why did your secretary say that he volunteered to be vaccinated? Also, you said that my grandma signed, my grandma is senile, could she help you to sign? You yourself said that my grandfather didn’t say he volunteered, so why did you give him injections?”

The old man’s family continued, “You also said that you don’t know if there are health problems due to the injection? After the injection, on the second day, his abdomen swelled up like a balloon, you have come to my house to see it yourself. The doctor announced today that my grandfather’s condition is critical, if he doesn’t have an operation, his intestines will burst. He hasn’t been operated on yet. If he goes to the operating table, it will be difficult to get through, very serious”.

This video is spreading widely online, and as of the time of posting, the number of site visits has exceeded 1.73 million.

Another video shows the old man’s family questioning the female employee on duty.

The old man’s family said: “You are avoiding your responsibility and have never apologized to us!”

The neighborhood committee’s female employee said, “Why do we have to apologize? Helping people vaccinate but we must apologize?”

The old man’s family: “You guys have caused trouble without apologizing, and now you still don’t apologize. The purpose of us coming here today is to ask your chief to come to the hospital at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to solve the problem with us. There is only one such request.”

Female employee: “I don’t know where the chief currently is.”

The old man’s family: “Then you should contact him now.”

The video shows that the female employee cannot contact the neighborhood committee chief.

The video was posted online and attracted more than 1.88 million views.

According to Aboluowang, the news then went viral on the Internet, sparking widespread concern, and it also appeared on Weibo’s hot search on July 15.

Eastday interviewed the relevant neighborhood committee at Lane 1320, Linfen Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, on July 15. The neighborhood committee said that the vaccination was approved by the elderly people involved, and the doctor assessed him to be vaccinated.

According to the video released by Eastday, it shows that the neighborhood committee says they are working on the problem. Here are some key points from the conversation between the Eastday reporter and the neighborhood committee staff.

Staff: “At that time, both the doctor and our neighborhood committee’s staff went there (the old man’s house), moreover we had the consent of the old man, and only after the doctor assessed his physical condition, the injections will be administered. They will not force the old man to give the injections without his consent. They also had a maid at home at that time (witnessing). The old man is currently in the hospital, but he has to have surgery today. Theoretically, the signature does exist, but it has not been handed over to us.”

Eastday.com reporter: “The staff involved isn’t here right now, is he?”

Interviewee: “No, he is not here.”

The old man’s family member with the account “Wang Wang de Senbei” reposted Eastday.com’s video and wrote on the video:

“Really laughing to death! The neighborhood committee staff admitted in the video that our 98-year-old man did not say a word of consent or volunteer for any vaccinations, nor did he sign the confirmation. The neighborhood committee also did not notify our family members, nor did they discuss the need for vaccinations with us. They arbitrarily vaccinated our elderly family members. The whole procedure violates relevant regulations, there is no definite measure such as measuring blood pressure before injection, or staying for 30 minutes after the injection is completed.”

According to The Epoch Times, this person also posted on Weibo that day, thanking netizens for their care and attention. She said that the 98-year-old man is currently in very poor health. But hopefully, a miracle will happen, “Our family has always been careful to take care of the elderly, but this time it was because the neighborhood committee violated a series of new regulations leading to a situation like this. We will pursue this case to the end. We also hope that families with similar incidents can file complaints together to avoid harm to the elderly.”

The incident continued to develop, causing netizens to talk excitedly.

A netizen said: “The father of a teacher in our area, who was also forced to be vaccinated by the neighborhood committee, died that same night. It’s been a few months, the committee neighborhood’s solution is just blaming others. When leaders talk, every word is an avoidance of responsibility, not a problem solving.”

Another netizen said: “They just want to make merit, so they don’t care about people’s lives. The most important thing is not to take responsibility.”

Many netizens scolded: “It’s rotten to the core. Because in order to complete the so-called superior tasks, they don’t regret using any terrible tricks.”

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