On September 4th, 2022, Beijing was hit by hail, lightning, strong winds, and torrential rains, and hail slammed down from the sky and covered the ground. 

People rushed into the subway seeking shelter from the hailstorm.

A video on the internet shows that the Beijing sky was dark, the wind was heavy, and the rain and hail were violent.

Some netizens posted photos of hailstones on their palms, the size of ping-pong balls. 

The hailstones covered the ground densely, and when they struck cars, they sounded like cannonballs. In addition, many tree branches were knocked down by the hail.

At about 6 p.m., three warnings of hail—yellow, thunder and lightning—yellow, and strong wind—blue were issued in Beijing simultaneously. 

“China Weather” released news of strong winds and showers, lightning and thunder in Changping, Beijing, and small hailstones appeared locally,” warning the people to pay attention to safety.

A Weibo netizen said he took his children out to eat, but the shopping mall started to leak. While on the way home, the road in front of his house was like a river, and against every tree trunk was a pile of hail. The sidewalk was full of branches smashed down by hail. It was a terrible sight. He said there would be a lot of emergencies for people in Chaoyang District tonight.

Another netizen said: “There is a subway station next to it, and I ran in immediately. This season there’s even hail.”

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