China’s abnormal phenomenon: Fish leap out of water after the rain in Shandong

In Jinan Shandong, an abnormal phenomenon occurred when fish suddenly began jumping out of the water.

A Weibo video posted on July 12 shows hundreds of fish jumping out of the water simultaneously, stirring up the water surface around the tourist boat after the rain. It seems like they’re trying to get out of the water.

A local, Zhao, said that it should be that the fish suffer from low oxygen levels on rainy days, and they gather together. As the boat passed, the fish jumped up, causing passengers to react in shock. Zhao was curious, as he had never seen so many fish behave this way.

Green trees smoke due to hot weather in Zhejiang

China’s summer has reached its peak heat. Since early July, many places in China have hit temperatures above 35℃ ( 95 °F). 

Fu Jiaolan, a chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Station, said that it is normal for a wide range of high-temperature weather to occur in summer. However, the hot weather that has occurred this year has extremes in intensity and duration.

Not only people and animals can’t stand the heat of this summer in China, but even the trees have become so hot they have started to emit smoke. A video shows a large tree with white smoke in Hangzhou on July 12. The strange thing is that the tree leaves are still very green. A passerby called the fire department.

Firefighters climbed up and found that the trunk of the sycamore tree had been hollowed out inside. The smoke was pouring out from the hollow trunk, and firefighters dragged the water hose to the top to fill the hollow trunk with water, and the smoke from the tree was soon extinguished.

13-level gale hits Ningbo like a typhoon

According to China Weather Bureau, at about 15:00 on July 12, Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, was hit by a maximum wind speed of 120 km/hour (75 mile per hour)  or over level 12, breaking the local wind record. It is very rare for such strong winds to appear on land, equivalent to a typhoon-level central wind speed, and Yinzhou issued a red alert, the highest-level gale warning.

Footage shared online shows heavy rain and gusty winds sweeping through Ningbo city like a typhoon. ( Footage 123)

Wang Weiyue, a meteorological analyst at China Weather, said that East China has been too hot recently, and the atmosphere has stored a lot of energy. Affected by solar radiation in the summer afternoon, the air near the ground is heated to produce upward movement, coupled with a weak northeast wind near the ground, which stimulates scattered local strong convective weather.

Geologists discovered ‘cave cloud’ for the first time in Guangxi Wuxuan

Wuxuan County, Laibin City, Guangxi held the first joint Chinese and foreign adventure expedition to Xiniuyan Cave. They discovered cave cloud formations inside the cave, and this is the first cloudy stone phenomenon found in Guangxi.

As surveyed by the scientific team, the cloud stones of Xiniuyan Cave were distributed in 7 pools of water, showing bread-like and pumpkin-like shapes, with a total area of 300 square meters (3229 sq ft).

Experts said that this is the second wonder of cave cloud in China discovered after Jingua Cave in Danzhai County, Guizhou Province. The formation of cave clouds is rare, and this is only the second such structure discovered in China. The surrounding rocks of the cave are mostly dolomite, and caves formed by dolomite are uncommon. Zhang Yuanhai, a senior engineer at the Institute of Karst Geology, China Geological Survey, Ministry of Natural Resources, said that the formation of this cloud stone by dolomite is still a scientific mystery and has yet to be further studied. (video)

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