Jiangsu: Wind force to class 17, tornado disaster kills one, injures 25

A tornado disaster occurred in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, on July 20 with a wind force of class 15 to class 17. Lianyungang authorities reported the tornado affected 2,272 people, resulting in one death and 26 injuries. The direct economic loss caused by the tornado is estimated to be about $9.61 million. The agricultural area hit by the cyclone disaster was over 600 acres.

Footage recorded by locals shows fallen trees on the side of the road, roofs blown off of houses, trucks blown over, and electric bicycles hanging in trees.

Naning: 21 warehouses destroyed 

by fire at an auto parts warehouse

At about 15:53 ​​on July 20, a fire broke out in the FAW Auto Parts Warehouse in Nanerli, Wangzhou Road, Nanning City, Guangxi.

Footage shows a huge fire emitting black smoke rising to cover the sky, with frequent explosions sounding like firecrackers.

According to the Nanning Fire Protection Report, the building that caught fire was a one-story steel-framed auto parts warehouse with a total construction area of ​​86,000 sq ft and a total of 72 warehouses.

The fire area was nearly 11,000 sq ft, and 21 warehouses were destroyed.

The burning substances are auto parts, tires, floor mats, etc. The quantity of the stored substances is still under further verification.

The fire was brought under control just after 7 pm the same day. The cause of the accident and property damage is still under investigation.

Beijing: Landslide disrupts 

a road in Huairou District

On July 20 at about 3:30 pm, a landslide occurred in the north section of Badaohecun, Fanqi Road, Huairou, causing a full-width road blockage. 

According to the Huairou Jiazi Branch and the Huairou Highway Branch, the road surface collapsed, and about 4,600 cubic yards of rock fell. At present, the mountain is unstable and still in danger of collapse. Therefore, the relevant departments were surveyed to ensure safety and repair. The work is expected to be completed in mid to late August.

Qinghai: Giant’ sand wall’ appears in a sandstorm

On July 20, sandstorms hit some areas of Haixi City, Qinghai. A video shared on the internet shows yellow sand obliterating the sky. A giant “sand wall” slowly moved forward, and many people stopped to take pictures and record the event. According to NetEase, the sandstorm lasted for about 4 hours in the Jadeite Lake Scenic Area of Dachaidan.

Zhengzhou: Forbidden to commemorate the flood disaster

July 20 this year is the one-year memorial day of the Zhengzhou floods. Last year on this day, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and other places suddenly had heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, the city’s drainage system did not withstand the torrents of water that even flooded the subway. As a result, subway line 5 train carriages full of passengers were inundated in the tunnel.

Chinese authorities said that 380 people were dead or missing in the city after the floods. But they were accused of concealing the disaster and the number of deaths. After the disaster, many people came to lay flowers at the subway gate in tribute.

Time can clear the traces of floods but can’t remove citizens’ memories of the subway flood incident. However, the authorities have banned people from placing memorial flowers in this area on July 20 this year.

A Zhengzhou resident posted on Weibo that he ordered two bouquets to pay tribute to the deceased at noon. However, the florist called back and said he could not sell the flowers to him because the florists in Zhengzhou were not allowed to sell flowers in tribute to that day.

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