The Chinese regime has adopted a degenerate line of ‘narcissism-xenophobia’ in various cultural policies. This coercion repeatedly crowds out diverse and inclusive foreign cultures, resulting in cultural autism and the degradation of national intelligence.

The regime has promoted a party-oriented education in the name of populism and patriotism—the exaggeration and distortion of history as a tool for cultivating blind loyalty.

According to reporter Jin Lisheng, during Xi’s era, the party gave the Chinese people a reading of some of the “divine leaders” texts that fill elementary and Junior high school Chinese textbooks.

From September 2021, Shanghai elementary and middle school students must read a new textbook on “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”

As a result, the minds of the younger generation are only filled with the party’s dogma and leaders’ speeches. The new generation in China will not be able to acquire new world knowledge, scientific inventions, world masterpieces, or humanistic education.

In addition, Xi Jinping vigorously promoted the “de-English culture.”

In 2020, Chinese education authorities banned overseas textbooks in primary and junior high schools. In 2021, a government adviser suggested that English be banned from the annual college entrance examination.

Under the suppression of English education, the new generation in China will lose the opportunities and channels to absorb the world’s advanced knowledge. In the long run, it will lead to the decline of overall national literacy and the ignorance of cultural intelligence.In this regard, Yuan Li, a reporter, said that China had weakened English education. China is being cut off one by one from the outside world.

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