Nasdaq announced the results of the annual reconstitution of the Nasdaq-100 Index on December 9. Chinese tech companies Baidu and NetEase, along with five other companies, will be removed from the index. This decision will become effective before the market opens on December 19.

The Nasdaq-100 is one of the world’s most important large-cap indices, consisting of the top U.S. and international nonfinancial companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market by market capitalization. Each year, Nasdaq adjusts the index’s constituents, removing companies that no longer qualify and including new companies that do.

Seven companies will be removed from the Index: VeriSign, Inc., Skyworks Solutions, Inc., Splunk Inc., Baidu, Inc., Match Group, Inc., DocuSign, Inc., and NetEase, Inc.

At the same time, Nasdaq will add 6 companies.

Baidu was listed on NASDAQ on August 5, 2005, and its stock price rose 354% on its first day. In December 2007, it was included in the Nasdaq-100 Index, becoming the first Chinese company to be added.

NetEase was added to the NASDAQ in 2000. Six years later, it was included in the Nasdaq-100 Index.Qu Kai , a political commentator living in Japan, said this is not a matter of simply besieging a certain company. The passage of the U.S.’s “Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act” will be a fatal blow to all Chinese companies.

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