Recently, news of a woman in Nanjing who was fired from her job became a hot search on Weibo.

The 24-year-old Xue, who worked in a teaching and training company, took three sick days.

She went to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor advised her to rest at home for one week.

She immediately took three days off according to the company’s procedures. However, the company fired her and asked her to compensate because she pretended to be sick and absent from work.

Xue felt that it was unfair, so she applied for labor arbitration.

On November 2, the judgment required the company to pay her wages in arrears, sick leave wages. And the company has to compensate her for the illegal termination of her labor contract. The judgment also required the company to issue a resignation certificate to Xue.

However, so far, the company has not paid Xue any expenses in accordance with the judgment.

this has prompted heated discussions among netizens.

A netizen said, ‘This company has no bottom line; it is outrageous.’

Another netizen said that the company had done everything trying not to pay normal salaries and benefits to employees.Many people say that this kind of company and the legal person should be dealt with seriously.

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