ET reported that Wu Jufang, a human rights activist in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, was beaten and had six ribs broken. The police did not file a case for half a year. On June 13, Wu Jufang went to Beijing to petition, but local authority staff stole her property when she checked into a hotel.

On June 15, Wu Jufang told the ET reporter that she stayed at the Hanting Hotel after arriving in Beijing. She was going to the Ministry of Public Security to complain about her case. However, when she checked into the hotel, her luggage and property were stolen by the staff of the Rugao City authorities in Jiangsu Province.

She said the staff burst into her room and quickly took three pieces of her luggage.

She added that the theft of her luggage happened suddenly, and the staff also broke her phone, so she didn’t have any way to take pictures of the scene.

Wu Jufang immediately reported her case to the police, but they said it was a government act and refused to handle it. She called the 12345 citizen hotline and the State Bureau of Letters and Calls but neither got a reply nor the help she deserved.

The ET reporter called Chen Hongfeng, the Sub-district Office of Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, to verify whether he was at the Hanting Hotel in Beijing on June 13. The reporter asked him to explain the act of robbing Wu Jufang that day, but he did not reply.

On October 22, 2021, the staff of the Xuanwu District authority in Nanjing broke into the community where Wu Jufang lived and beat her up, breaking six of her ribs. 

The Qixia Branch issued a forensic identification certificate for Wu.

She applied to the Qixia District Procuratorate to supervise her case. However, the procuratorate has not made any reply and still does not order the public security to file the case for investigation.

Wu Jufang said, “I’m helpless! We can’t ask for fairness, and justice!”

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