After the 20th National Congress, the pandemic resurfaced. With authorities implementing strict “zero-COVID” policy measures, many areas across China are reporting extreme pandemic situations. A few days ago, a fire broke out in a shopping mall in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province. The fire blazed for more than 10 hours. It was reported that the firefighters were involved in an accident on the way to the fire. It is even suspected that local officials used personal cars to obstruct fire engines.

NetEase said, on October 29, that the Jinsheng Department Store suddenly caught fire. A large number of firefighters rushed to the scene to fight the blaze, but more than 10 hours after the fire broke out, the fire was still not under control. The Nanjing Fire Department announced on its official Weibo at 8 p.m. that, due to the large size of the building, the huge fire, and the complex internal structure, the fire has not yet been extinguished. Photos from the scene show that a short distance away a lot of people lined up to take nucleic acid tests. Some netizens were surprised to see thick smoke from the flames hovering over their heads, but everyone still took nucleic acid tests as usual.

According to the Nanjing Fire Department, the fire at the scene was extinguished on October 30, and work such as clearing the scene of the fire and extinguishing the fires that spread to nearby buildings had been completed. The fire did not cause any casualties. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

But it is worth mentioning that although the authorities stated that “temporarily no casualties have been found so far” and that “the air quality in Nanjing is up to standard,” online news doesn’t really share the same conclusion.

According to the video posted by the website, everything inside several floors of the building atop the store was burned, leaving only the skeleton. Fire trucks surrounded the building to douse the fire, smoke. It is reported that two firefighters were injured. But the news is yet to be officially confirmed.There was even an online video showing a local Nanjing official using his own car to block a fire truck from entering the scene to fight the fire. According to the description of the man who recorded the video, a local official drove a car to the intersection and stopped the fire truck. In the video, it can be seen that the fire department is directing a car to the side of the road, while a large number of people surround it; at the back, many fire trucks are stopped at the intersection. One of the fire trucks had the words “Yangzhou Fire Fighting” printed on it. It is not clear why local authorities in Nanjing stopped the fire truck.

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