Houtouwan, the “ghost village” engulfed by green 

The village of Houtouwan, located on Shengshan Island off the eastern coast of China’s Zhejiang Province, possesses a strange beauty.

According to CNN, this place was a thriving village with more than 3,000 inhabitants in the 1980s. However, the rapid modernization of the country has turned the romantic island into a ghost town. The village is now abandoned and has gradually turned into a mysterious green forest. The empty houses of the village, leaning against the mountain and overlooking the sea, are covered with creepers. Photos taken by author Damir Sagolj for Reuters show how nature has taken over the village in recent decades.

Currently, this village has been managed by the authorities and put into the tourism business.

 Hebei: light dancing up and down in Cangzhou’s sky late at night

Recently, a viral video on the Internet showed strange lights in the sky of Cangzhou, Hebei province, surprising everyone with its strange shape.

The man who recorded it said that at around 1:35 on the night of October 6, he was awakened by the sound of a barking dog. He opened the window and accidentally saw a strange fog light dancing in the sky.

He said the light seemed to see and point directly at him, which frightened him. He thought it was a UFO, but after a closer look, it was just a hovering fog light.

Internet users have hotly debated about this light. Some think it is a dragon flying in the sky, and others think it is a UFO.

Haikou Airport fights the COVID pandemic with small cages

While the world has been adapting and living with the COVID pandemic, China has remained steadfast in its strict zero COVID policy.

Hainan province, China’s southernmost island, is one of the areas that have been strictly controlled since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. However, so far, the authorities have not been able to achieve the goal of zero -COVID. Therefore, they have implemented different measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

Recently, a video on Twitter attracted people’s attention because officials used a strange cage. They would lock the patient in the cage and take him to quarantine.

The person who shared the video said that the passenger was eating at the airport restaurant and was suddenly put in the “quarantine car.” It is possible that they found something “abnormal” on him.
Photos of this cage have been seen on social media since August this year, proving that international airport officials have been using this method for a long time. However, so far, this pandemic has not been able to change for the better.

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