A couple in China has been filmed yelling at staff in a gas station over paper tissues. The insults involved enraged the internet.

The pair bragged about their public servant positions in Liaoning province, with the husband saying that his wife could simply sit at home and receive nearly $700 (5,000 yuan) in payment. 

According to Chinese media, China Times, the quarrel occurred as the pair visited a gas station while on vacation on China’s National Day holiday. As the footage shows, they were upset as the staff refused to give them tissues as a gift for pumping gas at the place. The female employee explained that their manager does not allow them to give away the items for free.

What triggered more criticism was the response from the local authorities. According to a public statement reported by The Paper, the couple was only fined less than $70 (500 yuan) for their aggressive behavior. They were additionally given warnings and punished, but no details were given.

The statement, at least, revealed the pair’s names. The husband is identified as Li Peng, who works as the section chief of a public institution in Gaizhou city. His wife, Chen Yanan, is a retiree. The officials added that they had recommended Li Peng’s department remove him from his current post. However, no mention of his employers picking up on the suggestion.

The light punishment failed to appease the public. Under the post shared by the Weibo account Owl Video, the top-voted comment reads, “Their watch is 400,000 yuan ($56,000), and you fined them 500 yuan ($70). What are you playing?”

The second most popular comment is, “They pay more than 400,000 yuan for a watch, and you punish them 500 yuan. This is very disrespectful.”

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