On September 14, AP reported that the lockdown in Xinjiang Autonomous Region has been particularly tough, with forced medication, arrests, and disinfectant spraying. People have been under lockdown since mid-July.

On September 12, Awareness’s footage on the Safechat platform showed Chinese medical personnel sterilizing these Tibetan residents by spraying chemicals directly on their faces and bodies in an isolation camp in Tibet.

On August 31, The AP cited a middle-aged Uyghur woman detained in a detention center in Xinjiang with dozens of other women who were required to strip naked and hide their faces as guards sprayed their bodies with disinfectant once a week. 

The woman, who refused to reveal her name for safety reasons, said, “my hands were ruined, my skin was peeling.”

Additionally, community workers forced her to swallow traditional medicine from white, unmarked bottles, threatening to detain her if she refuses. The liquid made her nauseous and feel weak. 

A Han businessman working in the regions of Urumqi and Beijing told AP that during his mid-July isolation, the center personnel forced him to drink liquid, apparently Chinese traditional medicine, from the same unmarked white bottles. They also forced him to take Lianhua Qingwen, a herbal supplement that violates FDA regulations by fraudulently claiming to be helpful against COVID.

According to Fang Shimin, a former biochemist who resides in the U.S., “it’s unethical to force people, sick or healthy, to take unproven medicines.”

The AP cited messages of a Han Chinese woman with the last name Wang who posted her photos of herself drinking traditional Chinese medicine in front of a medical worker on August 18, “why are you forcing us to drink medicine when we’re not sick!” She continued, “Who will take responsibility if there are problems after drinking so much medicine? Why don’t we even have the right to protect our own health?”

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