Tangshan city in Shanghai reported a violent incident early on June 10. A woman was eating with her friend at a barbecue restaurant when a suspected drunken man walked in and touched the woman from behind, trying to strike up a conversation. 

After being rejected, the man beat the woman. Her companion tried to help but was also beaten. 

Shortly after the incident’s video release, it attracted many views, sparking public opinion. At the same time, murders were reported in Shanghai’s Jinshan District and Beijing within 24 hours. 

Netbase reported that a murder occurred on June 9 at the Beijing Unicom office in Xicheng District in Beijing. A suspect named Meng was arrested under suspicion of stabbing her colleague, surnamed Luo, to death. The police have Meng in custody, and the case is currently under investigation.

Many residents consider the phenomenon a psychological distortion caused by the city’s long-term lockdown. 

Meanwhile, Xiwang Zhisheng reported that some named the phenomenon “Zhang Xianzhong.” This is because they used that term to label those who violently vent their dissatisfaction. 

Zhang once proclaimed himself the emperor of Daxi. Beijing’s textbook claims that Zhang was the leader of the peasant uprising in the late Ming Dynasty. However, the Communist regime has concealed Zhang’s brutal and demonic nature. 

According to historical records, the province’s residents numbered 3.1 million when Zhang entered Sichuan. After his death, the number was only 18,000. Many residents were massacred under Zhang’s rule. 

The paper reported that the residents called these criminals Zhang Xianzhong as a way to say that Beijing keeps creating Zhang Xianzhong one by one under the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In addition, China has entered an era with Zhang Xianzhong showing up everywhere. 

A netizen shared that everyone has acknowledged that, in general, people are becoming more hostile. People easily get annoyed by a trivial matter, followed by unpleasant words and violence. 

She further added that the just-released economic development could conceal these social contradictions at first. However, these recent incidents are just the beginning. 

Another netizen said that these incidents remind him of an expert’s prediction two years ago, saying that there would be an explosion of crime in the next few years. 

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