On November 30, after the news of Jiang Zemin’s death, became public, the comment section under reports was locked by the media. At the same time, the websites of official media and government agencies have gradually switched to “black and white tones,” (colors of condolences) the app interface that Chinese are familiar with, including shopping apps, social networking sites, TV series and movies, also changed to black and white, raising public questions.

The CCP on the afternoon of November 30 officially reported that Jiang Zemin had leukemia and suffered multiple organ failure, and after emergency efforts failed, he died in Shanghai at 12:13.

After the news was published, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People’s Daily Online, Global Times and other CCP media, as well as most Chinese media changed their websites to black and white. Chinese regime websites of the CCP State Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the website of the CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office, and other government websites are black and white. CCTV’s reporters wear black suits and black ties to broadcast the news. At the same time, the comment section of some official media reports has been closed.

Then, the popular search list of Weibo, as well as the commonly used app and website interfaces in various fields including iQiyi, Netease Cloud, Alipay, Taobao, and JD.com, … even Xiaohongshu (app released in China, a bit like Instagram) switched to black and white.

This sparked ridicule from netizens.

A Chinese netizen commented seeing the photos on Xiaohongshu go black and white, “I thought I was opening a Death Note.” Regarding the black and white interface of online shopping apps, someone said, “This is a blow to the desire to shop.”

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