Recently, an unusual job is getting viral among young Chinese people. Because of the job shortage, many are looking for a job in funeral homes.

According to government statistics from 2021, China has 4,373 funeral service providers and 87,000 cemeteries that attend to over 10 million deaths annually. 

In 2021, experts predicted that the funeral service industry would experience a 20,000-person yearly labor shortfall.

Huaon Industrial Research Institute reported that as China’s population ages, the funeral market is anticipated to reach 411.4 billion yuan ($56.9 billion) in 2026. The labor shortage in the funeral market has attracted fresh unemployed graduates, who are also suffering unemployment, especially after 2 years of policies against the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to SIXTH TONE, a funeral worker in Fujian claims that the number of workers has suddenly increased. He has been in the business for the past ten years.

But working in a funerary home in China is not well regarded; morticians and encoffiners are mistreated. According to SIXTH TONE, traditional Chinese society views death as a misfortune. Many try to avoid the number four because its pronunciation sounds similar to death in Mandarin. Morticians, in particular, are seen as harbingers of bad luck.

The media expects that the influx of young, college-educated workers will help change negative perceptions of morticians while also modernizing the funeral care sector.

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