Data shows that the three major A-share indexes fell sharply in the third quarter. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 11.01%. The Shenzhen Component Index fell by 16.42%. The ChiNext Index fell by 18.56%. So it was an altogether bad last trading day in September.

On December 31, last year, the total market value of A shares was $14 trillion (99.10 trillion yuan). However, on September 30, this year, its full market value fell to $12 trillion in the first three quarters, and the total market value of A-shares has evaporated by about $2 trillion.

Since the third quarter, popular stocks are continuously being sold off. For example, as many as 20 of the top 300 heavily-held institution stocks fell by more than 32% in the third quarter.

According to a report by NetEase Finance, from September 13 to the present, almost every day, another stock plummets.

For example, on September 13, WuXi AppTec dropped by the limit. On September 19, Amic fell 11.65%. On September 29, Angel Yeast fell by more than 9%.

Wang Jing, assistant general manager of China Merchants Fund, said that the Federal Reserve raised interest rates unexpectedly, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the epidemic outbreak in major domestic cities caused the equity market to go down.

In addition, the risk of the domestic real estate market and interest rates increased significantly, causing a sharp drop in A-share prices.

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