Shanghai has just been lifted from lockdown for ten days, but the epidemic continues to cause residents great stress. Officials announced that seven districts will implement nucleic acid testing this weekend and will be subject to “closed management” until the testing has been completed. The news caused panic among the public, and they rushed to hoard food.

Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, reported at the press conference on June 6 that Shanghai had five new local confirmed cases and one non-localized case on the same day. Three of the 6 cases of positive infection are staff members of the same beauty salon.

The beauty salon involved in the epidemic is the Red Rose Beauty Salon in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Wang Hongwei, the deputy head of Xuhui district, said that the beauty salon resumed business on June 1. Until now, 481 customers have been traced, as they may have been affected by the outbreak.

Zhao notified that many communities in Pudong New District, Huangpu District, Jingan District, and so on would implement “exhaustive inspections” on weekends. 

After the official notification, Shanghai citizens went to supermarkets to buy daily necessities and food. A video on Youtube shows that many supermarkets in Shanghai were crowded with people, and the vegetable shelves quickly emptied.

Mr. Li from Pudong, Shanghai, told the Da Ji Yuan reporter that all members of the five districts would do nucleic acid on Saturday and Sunday. If positive cases are found, the building or the community may be closed, and the next step is to close some communities gradually. The policy is unclear, so everyone must stock up on necessities and food.

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