According to RFI media, more than 20 Mongolians living in Paris gathered in front of the CCP Embassy in Place Andre in Paris on October 1 to protest its policies of cultural extermination and oppression of ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia.

According to the France 24 Press, since 2020, the CCP has been implementing its cultural assimilation policy in Mongolia.

In addition to implementing compulsory educational programs and banning native languages in schools, the CCP resorted to other brutal methods. Including destroying or banning locally sourced cultural symbols, arresting and threatening, opening brainwashing patriotism classes, and last but not least, suppressing the rising voices.

“Please speak Chinese in public.” 

Wang Longmeng, a protest organizer, said to RFA that their compatriots in inner and outer Mongolia abroad would hold protests on September 1 and October 1 every year to express their demands and call on the CCP authorities to stop the cultural extermination policy.

The protesters emphasized that every ethnic group has the right to use its mother tongue and pass it on to the next generation.

In September 2020, the “bilingual” education launched by the CCP was widely boycotted by teachers and students from all walks of life and schools in Inner Mongolia.

According to RFI, more than 300,000 parents and students participated in the protests. They refused to send their children to school. Some teachers and public officials even committed suicide to express their dissatisfaction.

In response, the CCP carried out a crackdown. As a result, more than 100 people were arrested and silenced. The move accelerated the promotion of Chinese as the primary language of instruction throughout Inner Mongolia.

In 2022, the CCP implemented the “Starting From the Children” policy in kindergartens. In addition, teaching Mandarin will be comprehensively promoted, and Chinese proficiency requirements will be put forward for Mongolian teachers and public officials. These aimed to speed up the process of assimilation into Inner Mongolia.

Wang Longmeng finally said that no matter what, the Mongolian compatriots overseas would not stop their movement because it was vital for their nation’s destiny.

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