Covid-19 has recently resurged in Shenzhen, causing closure in many communities. The hardest-hit area is the Futian district. As a result, local officials announced a 3-day lockdown from June 25.

Some residents, including adults and children, gather to sing an edited version of the national anthem to show their depression.

Several days earlier, residents found many iron barricades installed around their neighborhood. They wonder whether Shenzhen is preparing for another lockdown.

Now what they suspect has come into reality.

A video shows food delivered to citizens by the local government, including leeks, eggs, and other foods. A man says he doesn’t know what to do with this stuff.

The end of the streets cannot be seen because of the newly-established iron plates used as isolation walls.

A large number of anti-epidemic workers dressed in blue protective clothing are on standby.

At the same time, other forces in black gather to the west of the community.

A man filming the scene sighs, “Oh, What happens? I can’t live anymore!”

Many people gather outside a residential area to sing. The national anthem is modified to “China is at its most dangerous time…” and they echo, “Arise! Arise! Arise!” There are children’s voices in the singing, followed by the sound of gongs and drums.

All the students in a school are taken away to a quarantine area.

Residents try to escape from their community by climbing or jumping over the iron gates. They even push their whole bodies under them while some are stuck in the middle.

According to the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, the city added five local confirmed cases, two asymptomatic infections, and two newly imported asymptomatic infections on June 24.

Four local asymptomatic cases and five imported asymptomatic infections were added on June 25

June 26 reports three new local cases and four imported.

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