The Press Center of the CCP’s 20th National Congress held a press conference on October 19. Deputy Minister of Public Security Xu Ganlu said that the public’s sense of safety reached 98.6% and that China had become “one of the safest countries in the world.” However, his statement attracted much ridicule as people quickly brought up the horrifying case in Tangshan.

In a video shared on the internet, Xu Ganlu announced during the press conference that China is “one of the countries with the lowest murder rate, lowest crime rate and least number of shootings, today China is one of the safest countries recognized in the world.”

Xu quoted a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2021.

But he also revealed that in the past 10 years, 3,799 policemen in China died in the line of duty, and over 50,000 policemen were injured.

According to The Epoch Times, on the afternoon of October 19 local time, the topic “China has become one of the safest countries recognized in the world” appeared on Baidu’s hot searches.

In this regard, many Chinese netizens have taken the incident of a gangster group beating four girls in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan town, Hebei province, in June this year as an example to mock. People commented: “Tangshan is the safest; no one will be beaten while eating barbecue”; or “4 girls at 2 a.m. in the morning still dare to go out to eat barbecue. No place in the world is as safe as Tangshan, China.”

However, after the official Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media posted Xu’s statements on Weibo, all comment areas were closed and turned on the “comment review” mode.

Ning Jing, a former Chinese education and training teacher and private media person asked where the government’s numbers come from and why the CCP is so confident.

Ning Jing told an Epoch Times reporter on October 19, “Let’s talk about the most recent event. First, earlier this year, the incident of a woman wearing an iron chain in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. Is this woman of eight children named Li Ying alive or dead? And where is she? It’s still unknown, moreover the CCP has not given a satisfactory answer to the public.”

“Secondly, a little closer, the women beaten at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, are the four girls alive or dead? The atrocities against the girls we see in the video differ from the results of the Tangshan police.”

Ning Jing commented that, compared to ordinary people, the underground forces the CCP protects are still the safest. For example, in the end, who bought and sold the woman wearing the iron chain, and who abused her? Who are her children? As of now, we still don’t know.

She also noted that, during the Tangshan beating, when being questioned, the perpetrators were all wearing masks. So people don’t know who they are. “Even the big tigers (political criminals), like Sun Lijun and others, show their faces when they are on trial, but why do these little thugs have to cover their faces?.”

She pointed out, “From the first day the CCP came to power, it started with lies, and to this day, it continues to use lies to maintain its dominance. However, through the iron chain woman incident or the Tangshan beating, I believe that more and more Chinese people have seen the true nature of the CCP, which is a sinful organization and an evil cult!

“Therefore, we want to urge more Chinese to either stand up or stay away from this evil CCP.”

Chinese human rights lawyer Wu Shaoping told The Epoch Times that he believes Chinese living in Chinese society will not accept the official statement. Furthermore, every Chinese should understand that there is no safe place in China after the Tangshan and the iron chain woman incident. In other words, in China, there is no law of justice. You can become the beaten woman in Tangshan while walking on the street or become the Xuzhou woman in chains at any time. 

The Chinese had found evidence that two police officers were also present in the barbecue restaurant when the beating happened, including the Deputy Chief of the Lubei District of Tangshan city, Ma Aijun. At the same time, Chinese media reported that Zhang He, former secretary of the Tangshan City Party Committee, was the backer of this gang.

Although the incident attracted the attention of billions of people, it was downplayed and suppressed by the CCP. According to People’s Daily, 28 defendants in the case were sentenced in the first instance on September 23. The main culprit, Chen Jizhi, was sentenced to 24 years. However, as in the article, none of the four women victims attended the trial.

The Tangshan women beating is just the tip of the iceberg, and many other severe incidents in China have yet to be exposed.

The “woman wearing an iron chain” case (with video) in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu province, was exposed in early 2022. In the middle of the cold winter, the scene of a woman of eight children imprisoned in a dilapidated house, barefoot, wearing a thin shirt, and with a chain around her neck, made netizens extremely sympathetic and angry.

After that, “the woman wearing an iron chain” was taken to a mental hospital with her wrists chained and has since disappeared from public view.

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