Portrait of a beauty queen ‘banned’ by China

On July 22, a video shared on Twitter by user @xinwendiaocha with more than 150K views shows a story about a brave woman named Anastasia Lin, an international beauty queen from Canada.

Born and raised under the CCP, after taking up an ancient meditation practice known as Falun Gong, she is one person who knows the regime well. Therefore, she fights fiercely for human rights. Now she has become an enemy of the CCP and was banned from returning to China. Expressing her feelings from the heart, she said: [ video 0:00-End]

Netizens: Chinese police are paperman

Chinese pinyin “Pengci” is a noun that points out a cheating phenomenon in Chinese society. The original meaning of “pengci” is “touch porcelain,” which refers to the person finding fault in extorting restaurants, car owners, and other acts, also known as staged crashes.

The so-called “Pengci” people in China are so numerous that they are considered a type of crime in this country. 

However, a video shared on Twitter titled “The new style of Chinese police on duty, does this count as Pengci?” shows that the policeman is aggressively expressing his opinion during a confrontation between residents and police. The woman filming said, “Everyone let’s have a look .”Then, the policeman backed away, bumped into another woman’s umbrella on an electric bicycle, suddenly rolled to the ground and began groaning. The woman filming the video yelled, “Oh ‘Pengci,’ that’s great!”

This situation has caused many netizens to comment. User @ZWonder01 said, “Yes, 100% Pengci. It’s unbelievable that the law enforcer is a talkative hooligan.”; user @zhongyi_la said, “It turns out that the Chinese police are paperman; they can be killed with the touch of an umbrella.”

Chinese parents teach their children to fight for food

“Learning to eat” is also the first basic step in parenting children. Healthy eating habits greatly affect the physical development as well as the personality of children during their early years.

In particular, the way children eat can also indicate how parents have taught their children.

A video shared on the internet shows the strange upbringing of children by some Chinese parents. At a crowded party where the elderly were sitting at the same table as the little children, a woman handed out a plate of shrimp and said, “hurry up, quickly pick the foods.” Then the children competed for the food. Another footage shows little girls sitting at a dining table also vying for chicken thighs to the cheers of their parents.

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