A video posted on Weibo shows a thoroughly wet man rescued from the water. He is sitting paralyzed on the ground, gasping for his breath.

People around try to comfort him, “Take a break, no rush, you are safe now.”

Li comes from Zhengzhou. He is trying to recall this near-drowning experience.

On the night of June 29, he went to the Yellow River to check the water condition. As he approached the river’s edge, he slipped and plunged into the turbulent water.

He says that his mind went blank. After falling, he swam for about a minute or two, then ran out of energy. He suddenly remembered a man lying on the water on his back so that water did not cover his nose and mouth.

He adjusted his posture, laid flat on the water, and was carried downstream.

He drifted for 6 kilometers before being rescued by a night fisherman.

The rescuer, Du, says he and others were fishing by the river and suddenly heard someone shouting for help. They then ran for about five or six hundred meters and saw a person rushing downstream, swept away by the river.

As Li was rushing by, they started running. They spotted a poplar tree next to him, and quickly broke a branch and used it to rescue him.

Du says that it is a miracle that this man could survive. 

Currently, Li has an infection in his lungs due to choking on water. His neck and waist are in pain; however, there are no life-threatening signs.

A netizen commented that he admires him because he could remain calm in such a dangerous situation.

Another expressed his astonishment, Li could endure 6 kilometers, such a long drift.

Some say “laying flat” can save your life when falling into the water.

Li says bluntly after the rescue, “I won’t go to the river until I die.”

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