Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech on Friday, Feb. 25, in Florida, where he called Russian President Vladimir Putin a dictator over his decision to invade Ukraine. However, he continues to consider China a greater threat to the U.S.

Pompeo said, “I could see that the greatest threat from abroad was the Chinese Communist Party.”

The former secretary of state said, “We worked on it abroad. We tried to make sure that the jobs that they stole in the United States would no longer be stolen, and that the hard work that Americans did here would be rewarded with a set of trade deals that actually made sense.”

Pompeo also mentioned his order to shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston in 2020, alleging it was home to a spy ring stealing medical and energy company secrets.

He said, “You should know, you should know that that did not make me any friends at the United States Department of State. You should also know that I didn’t really give a rip.”

According to Pompeo, China continues to exert influence in the U.S. He said, “They’re inside our colleges and universities. They’re working on local governments, mayors, governors.” So you “… should demand that your mayor, your county commissioner, your school board member, your governor doesn’t kowtow, does not bend a knee to the Chinese Communist Party.

“You should make sure that your state pension system isn’t underwriting the very weapons that the Chinese Communist Party may one day use to attack our great nation.”

Russia and Ukraine

Pompeo also discussed the situation in Ukraine. He said, “We’ve seen a Russian dictator now terrorize the Ukrainian people because America didn’t demonstrate the resolve that we did for the four years prior.”

He also recalled the lesson when dealing with the Soviets in the Cold War.
Pompeo was an alumna at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, graduating first in his class in 1986. After that, the Army sent him to Europe, where he was an officer in a tank platoon patrolling the Iron Curtain before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Pompeo recalled, “We see on our TV the bombs, the missiles, the Soviet tanks, the Russian tanks moving across Ukraine. When I was a young lieutenant, my first assignment was I was in a border unit patrolling what was then the East German border. It was the last time we had Americans in Europe standing face to face with the Russians.

“How did we prevail? It was peace through strength. That was (Ronald) Reagan’s model. It was the model that we used for four years in the Trump administration. We put America first and we told people around the world: you cannot tread on us.”

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