Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, who opposed the Chinese regime hosting the Olympic Games, spoke out again on Feb. 6. He said that the Chinese regime did not deserve the glory of the Games and warned against China’s collecting athlete’s DNA.

In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo said that the Chinese regimes’ intention is clear. It is to use the Winter Olympics to show off an illusion of prosperity of China. The former secretary of state said President Xi even deliberately chose a Uighur athlete as a torchbearer to whitewash the regime’s genocide crimes.

In the northwestern region of Xinjiang, China has been accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity and potentially genocide against the Uighur population and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups.

Human rights organizations claim China has arrested over one million Uighurs against their will and incarcerated them into a vast network of “re-education camps,” and sentenced hundreds of thousands to prison terms in recent years.

He said that U.S. athletes should not compete in China because the Chinese regime would collect their personal information and even their genetic data and store it in the military base.

Over the past month, Pompeo has repeatedly called for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics because it “has no right to the glory of the Olympic games.”

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