Guangzhou is a famous province with the leading manufacturing economy in China, attracting many workers nationwide. 

However, this place is facing challenges as authorities rush to stamp out a widening Covid outbreak by mass testing and lockdowns in place for its population of 19 million.

This has forced migrant workers to rush to return home, although it’s almost 3 months until the Lunar New Year holiday. Besides, thousands of micro- and small-sized businesses are scared about whether they will survive the latest coronavirus outbreak.

As reported by SCMP, Zhongda is the biggest fabric market in China. Over 30,000 small and medium-sized garment factories, warehouses, and logistical operations throughout Guangdong and other neighboring provinces depend on the Zhongda market for orders. But now it is almost empty, although there were typically 100,000 employees before.

Migrant workers chose to go home early because they could not cope with living expenses and renting a house while their work became worse with lockdowns many times and strict regulations.

SCMP cited Hu An, a skilled migrant worker from Hubei province, saying, “The outbreak means the end of this year’s work for me. The owners and workers at most of the small workshops and factories have much less income this year compared to last year.”

Additionally, private business people also have suffered a lot. 

In order to cut down on residents’ travel, many street lights throughout Guangzhou have been turned off. It affected the city’s numerous tea shops and small eateries that depend on foot traffic.
Daniel Zhong, who opened a cafe earlier this year, told SCMP, “The lockdown is a cut throat to my business.”

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