1. Hundreds of dogs rescued from a truck at China’s Yulin dog meat festival

These poor dogs have just been rescued from the truck headed to China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival on June 21 by the animal activists in Xian, China. 368 dogs were crammed into old wire cages and packed into the truck. In recent years, domestic and international activists have been working to eliminate traditional annual events such as the Dog Meat Festival in China. However, they can’t stop the annual slaughter of thousands of dogs.

2. Shanghai people asked authorities to give the results of nucleic acid tests

On June 23, in the 2nd District of Fengxian Canal, Shanghai, residents protested about why the nucleic acid report hadn’t come out yet. The community was closed for 14 days but residents were not given the results of nucleic acid testing. The residents suspect authorities covered up the number of positive cases.

3. Withdrew money at Dandong Bank, surrounded by a 100-meter iron fence

On June 24, a video shows a man who said he was experiencing the way to withdraw money at Dandong bank. He points out that Dandong Bank has a 100-meter iron fence to withdraw cash, which is better than Henan Bank. At the Henan Bank people can’t withdraw money and instead will be given a red code. He didn’t know wether to be scared or sad. He had traveled a long way but hadn’t any success yet.

4. In Nanping, Fujian, an entire building collapsed after heavy rainfall

On June 24, in Nanping, Fujian, multiple days of rainfall caused a landslide, and one building collapsed while the surrounding buildings were still intact. It is called a tofu dregs building, which is a phrase used by the Chinese-speaking to describe a building constructed from inferior materials. (video)

5. Shanghai: Quarantine at midnight when a positive case found

In the middle of the night on June 23, in Yuepu, Baoshan, Shanghai, there was a positive case in the village, so the whole village was pulled into isolation. “Big Whites” were dispatched to pull people away to the buses by authorities. (video)

6. A landslide occurred in Chongqing’s Wuxi County, 5 people missing

On June 23, a landslide disaster occurred in Zhongba 中坝Village, Bailu白鹿 Town, Wuxi 巫溪County, Chongqing重庆. Preliminary statistics show that five people are lost. It is understood that from 20:00 on June 22 to 17:00 on June 23, the rainfall in Zhongba Village, Bailu Town, Wuxi County reached almost 2.5 inches. After the disaster, search and rescue operations are still in progress. video

7. Shenzhen: Drivers isolated in tight spaces
Footage shared on the Internet shows the place where the Shenzhen authorities arranged for Hong Kong drivers to be isolated. Drivers live in a small square cabin and lie on the floor. (video)

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