Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in China, authorities have always viewed the Zero-Covid policy as a critical measure to prevent the virus from spreading. However, the Covid pandemic has not been completely removed in this country after more than two years. 

China has strengthened control and epidemic prevention before the 20th National Congress of the CCP, an important event for leaders.

City closure measures such as “static management” and “stay at home” are being implemented in almost all of China’s provinces and cities. As a result, they have lost their patience, and more and more online videos expose people’s mental crises, and protests and conflicts are everywhere.

The most recent was the demonstration in Futian, Shenzhen. On September 9th, residents of Futian, Shenzhen, asked for the lockdown to be lifted because local authorities continued to block and control the area for an additional two days when the Mid Autumn Festival approached. Again, the footage shows many people gathering to scream and smash.

Another video shows that residents of a closed community in Daqing City have been blocked from driving late at night. A driver angrily drove into some epidemic prevention personnel, then fled.

In addition to violent conflicts, many people are in a desperate situation or have a mental breakdown leading to suicide. 

A video shows a woman’s heartbreaking cry. She knelt and begged the epidemic prevention staff to give her some food; not only her but also her family could not bear it because they were so hungry.

Many communities even spread the news that people in Guizhou, Xinjiang, had committed suicide because they could not stand starving to death from a lack of food.

Another video shows that in Sanya City, Hainan Province, a young woman is suspected of having mental problems because she was confined to her home for a long time. She climbed to the balcony canopy outside the window. When she was about to climb back, she accidentally stumbled and fell.

Commenting on this issue, current affairs commentator Zhang Feng told RFA that the Chinese Communist Party, which claims to “always put people’s lives in the first place,” is more concerned with retaining power. 

He said that more and more people are swallowing pills, hanging themselves, and jumping from buildings all over China, but to the CCP, it doesn’t matter how they die as long as they don’t die from the virus. As a result, public discontent will boil more and more in the future, and the conflict between the regime and the people will become more intense.

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