Shanghai lockdown was lifted at 0:00 on June 1, and many citizens have walked out of their community to celebrate.

The past of three-month suffering and misery has temporarily passed but it is worth reviewing a little bit.

Here is how people overcome hunger and food shortage.

Hungry people go to the supermarket to grab food

People look for food in trash cans

People help each other get food in a very amazing way, surprising anti-epidemic workers

How Shanghai citizens are isolated at home.

steel mesh

barbed wire

When people had opportunities, they take that precious chance to leave immediately with different possible methods.

Walk for a long way

Buy a second-hand car

Or sitting on a homemade styrofoam box, trying to return to hometown by waterway.

But their journey home isn’t easy

Hundreds of people gather and lay scattered in an underground parking basement.

Everyone looks pretty calm and quiet outside, but inside they all embrace the hope of leaving Shanghai and returning home.

Some people choose to sit quietly on the ground in a corner alone; others take advantage of their suitcases as a seat. 

While many have blankets to lie on the ground, others are lying down without blankets or coverings. They are attempting to take a rest for a long journey home.

Children also suffer the same situation as adults. For example, this baby is being carried by his mother on her back. It would be a tough journey for the little baby and his family.

There are many waves of anger as well as clashes.

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