Various medical and healthcare scams frequently occur in mainland China.

Recently, a woman named Li in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province was persuaded by a health center to spend $30,000 (210,000 yuan) to receive an anti-cancer injection, which turned out to be Coke instead.

Li is known as a regular customer at the health center. An employee of the center told Li that the company had successfully developed a new anti-cancer injection, so she went ahead with it.

The family discovered she had been deceived and took her to the Xiaoshan police to report the case.

After the investigation, Center staff colluded with one another. They had planned to use Coke for the injection, and the person responsible for it was not medically qualified. The suspect said he was afraid of an accident and used an empty needle when injecting.

Recently, numerous cases of scams have targeted the elderly in mainland China.

After gaining trust, the scammers pretend to care about the older person’s health. They spread false propaganda, exaggerating the effects of drugs. Then sell at a high price, cheating people out of their money.

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