On June 18, thousands of Kunshan residents gathered in the street under an overpass in Huaqiao Town to protest. 

They protested to express dissent after the Shanghai-Kunming commute had been closed for three months. 

They all shouted in loud voices: Commute! Commute! Commute!

The mass protest has triggered clashes with police, who have shown up in large numbers to suppress. Consequently, some residents were injured. 

However, in response to the residents’ extreme backlash, officials finally had to compromise. The authorities made an announcement shortly after. 

The notice read that those in fixed residences or work units will be allowed to commute between Shanghai and Kunshan in an orderly manner from 6:00 on Monday, June 20. All train and high-speed rail services will operate.

China has long been familiar with protest scenes as residents take to the streets, protesting strict or illogic policies of the regime.

As for Shanghai, the financial hub has been under lockdown for over two months. It later announced lifting the lockdown on June 1 completely. However, several areas have remained closed, while many other places were closed a short time later.

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