The problem of the mass exodus of talent in Hong Kong continues to be alarming. During a radio broadcast, the authority predicted that nearly 40% of Hong Kong officials resigned on immigration grounds. 

According to the authority, over 120,000 Hong Kong citizens emigrated in mid-2022. Human Resource Management conducted a “Big Resignation Wave” survey and found that 37% of officials in Hong Kong used immigration as the reason for leaving.

Lu Guokun, the vice president of Hong Kong Human Resources, confirmed the serious brain drain of personnel during a radio broadcast. Lu said that among many reasons causing the talent gap in Hong Kong, the attraction strategies of other countries and the livelihood standard are the most attractive.

Lu said that measures for attracting educated international workers are aggressive and loose, referring to Malaysia’s plan to attract high-paid employees and Singapore’s overseas online professional visas. 

He called on Hong Kong to also “grab talents,” ease entry restrictions and improve the attraction plan. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Hong Kong’s workforce.

The Hong Kong non-profit organization, “Youth New World,” showed half the adults surveyed think HK was less attractive to talents than Singapore. Some advised the authorities to improve politics, education, and the living environment to retain talent. Nearly 70% of adults agree that immigration is the main factor for the shortage of talent and labor in Hong Kong.

Due to the shortage of professionals, many intellectual industries face a lack of employees, such as in intelligent technology and digital jobs. Some majors have taken action by raising income to attract workers. The HK01 news reported that the salary increases in information technology, finance, and accounting are higher than average. Information technology accounts for nearly 10%. 

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