A severe COVID-19 pandemic has recently broken out in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, China, according to NTD.

Ninety-nine students and 15 teachers were among the 319 confirmed cases in Manzhouli City.

A student at Manzhouli Vocational High School told the press that on Nov. 26, the school organized for all its teachers and students to watch two films at Hengdian Studios. Both are patriotic films propagated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the central theme.

The student said at least five theaters were full of teachers and students.

Although the school required teachers and students to wear masks, many bought snacks and drinks and then took their masks off to eat.

Among the infected, 55 teachers and students went to Hengdian Studios in Manzhouli on Nov. 26.

Officials in Manzhouli announced at a meeting on Dec. 7 that the city had nine rounds of COVID-19 testing in nine consecutive days.

The report said the outbreak in Manzhouli had spread to many provinces and cities.

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