In many places in China, farmers and wheat harvesters are in a race to catch up with the prime time for this summer harvest.

However, they are facing many difficulties.

Videos posted on social platforms show unexpected fires in some places just before harvest work. They include Cangzhou, Hebei; Suzhou, Jiangsu and Guoyang, Anhui.

These sudden wheat field fires all occurred on the same day, June 1. The reason for this incident has not been determined.

Apart from this, many anti-epidemic measures imposed on farmers prevent the summer harvest from starting, let alone be completed.

Some migrant workers in Shanghai failed to obtain nucleic acid certificates in time, missed the train, and cried because they could not go home to harvest wheat.

Even if they returned home safely, they would be forced to quarantine for 14 days.

It is also challenging to enter Henan for harvest work because nucleic acid test reports, health codes, and travel codes must be obtained. 

Moreover, the health code on the tracking app turns yellow as soon as reaching this region. As a result, travel is limited. 

Two negative test results within three days are required to achieve a green health code. Besides, people must report their return to local authorities three days in advance. What’s more, 7-day self-isolation is a must after coming back home.

Many farmers fear not harvesting the wheat in time, so the harvest season is likely to pass in vain.

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