China government workers’ large-scale pay cuts are causing worry in many places; school teachers said their allowances have been canceled, so their monthly income dropped by 10% to 40%. This move contradicts the government’s previous commitments of high salaries to attract talents.

As Chinese media Caixin news reported on June 21 that since the second half of 2021, many places have standardized the regulation of subsidies for government agencies and institutions.

Some educational online pages estimate that teachers in Shenzhen used to earn an average of $45,000 per year; after getting hit with the new salary cut, they only get around $30,000 left.

The living cost in Shenzhen is expensive, with the new earning level one hard to live on.

As a Chinese school teacher, they will receive a basic wage, allowances, subsidies, and performance-based bonuses, while allowances, subsidies and performance-based bonuses are primary earnings.

According to Caixin news, while the turmoil of teachers’ salary reduction in Shenzhen is still fresh; school teachers in Yantai Economic Development Zone, Shandong were attracted by the promises of 200000 yuan (about $30000) for their minimum annual salary. Now, these teachers experienced their allowances, subsidies and performance-based bonuses suddenly got cut off. 

It did not even stop there; as the teachers’ incomes shrunk, it was reported that the school notified some teachers to refund paid bonuses, allowances, and subsidies issued from January 2021.

Netizens are upset about the issue, so they left a message in the comment area of ​​’s Weibo, asking if refund is a violation of the labor contract.

Caixin reported that the Yantai Education Bureau announced in early June that following the unified deployment of the superiors policy, from 2021 onwards, teachers estimate their future income will drop by about 30%-40%.

It means workers’ wages and bonuses are getting cut off. The “high salary” promises when they recruited turned out to be empty promises.

A teacher teaching in the Yantai Development Zone said that when he started working there in 2020, the school verbally promised that he would earn about $30000 a year. This amount of money would come true if he became a full-time professional. Now, the school broke that promise. Some teachers have taken out loans to buy houses. He asked who would bear the responsibility for the violation.

Yantai Development Zone teachers recently went on strike and gathered to protest; online footage showed it allegedly met heavy intervention by the security forces.

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