Shanghai Municipal Health Commission adjusted the risk level of many areas in the city on July 10. After adjustment, Shanghai has two high-risk areas, 38 medium-risk areas, and 11 low-risk areas.

The local authorities imposed a lockdown on some regions within the city.

The video posted on July 11 shows iron plates, fences and barriers used once again to separate various communities, similar to the anti-epidemic measures in the recent past, which makes many residents bewildered. They wonder how long will the lockdown last this time.

Many people are transferred to the quarantine site by bus.

The weather in Shanghai is currently erratic. Sometimes it is hot with temperatures up to 106 °F, and sometimes it rains cats and dogs. The fluctuating weather has adverse effects on the operations of nucleic acid testing.

In hot weather, some places suffer a surface temperature of 59.1 °C or 138 °F. Big Whites in hazmat suits can’t stand it, so they find some solutions to cool off, such as asking for help from citizens, hugging a big iceblock, or even lying on it.

During rainy days, people still line up to wait to take their turn getting tested. Citizens without raincoats or umbrellas endure getting soaked to the skin in the pouring rain so that they can finish testing on that day.

According to data from Shanghai Municipal Health Commission on July 10, there were five new local confirmed cases and 52 asymptomatic infections on July 9. 

From February 26 to July 9, the financial hub has recorded over 58,000 local cases, with 588 deaths and nearly 4,800 imported cases.

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