According to information shared online, Li Kangmeng, a student at Nanjing Media Academy, who is known as a pioneer in the “White Paper Movement,” was arrested by the Chinese police on November 30 for holding a white piece of paper to protest the lockdown policy. Now she has lost contact.

On December 2, a blog called “TCitizen Express” posted a video that reads: “Nanjing Media Academy student, Li Kang Meng, one of the pioneers of the largest-scale white paper protest movement in China since the June 4, 1989 massacre, was arrested by the CCP at 2:00 p.m. on November 30.”

The video shows Li holding a white sheet of paper with both hands, and when someone took the paper from her, she remained motionless and as though she was still holding the paper, to express her objection in silence. Some netizens left comments below the video:

“This school will be proud of her in the future.”

“She is the brightest star in the night sky of China.”

On December 1, “Gancheng Wang”, a self-proclaimed news watcher tweeted: “She is the pioneer of the white paper revolution. She is another Zhang Zhixin (Zhang Zhixin was a dissident during the Cultural Revolution), she is as brave as them, but we can’t  let her sacrifice herself like them! Nanjing brothers, you are invited to gather at the Nanjing City Public Security Bureau to ask for her release. We demand they (the police) release Li Kangmeng immediately!”, netizen NON CHAONESE also responded to this call.

The first girl holding a white paper from Nanjing Communication University has the power to “shock”

In the “Posts” group, there is an article signed “Women’s strength,” saying that the Nanjing University of Communications sisters holding a white sheet of paper has a deep and powerful meaning. This is a moment that must be recorded in history.

According to the article: “After rearranging the time, I saw that the girl in black was standing at first holding the paper, then the paper in her hand was gone, and she (remained holding the paper position) raised her hand empty. Then another person joined and stood with her, later more and more people joined. Some people started chanting slogans, having conversations with teachers, and principals. What shocked me the most was that she was silent and very steadfast, although she did not clap her hands or explain her behavior, there is no doubt that her steadfast standing like that inspired everyone.”

The article states, “After that, the girl was threatened by the teacher and the principal. She finally left, leaving everyone completely in shock. She just stood still but showed steadfast strength. Although there are many brave people, I hope everyone can remember that the first, brave, steadfast and profound is this girl.”

Police arrest many people in recent days

According to the “Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch,” on November 26 at Urumqi Street, Shanghai, many people paid tribute to the victims of the apartment fire in Xinjiang. Many chanted slogans such as “CCP Step down!!!” The protest movement quickly spread across China. The Nanjing Institute of Communication, the first among the higher education schools in China, had students holding a white sheet of paper to protest, then more than 50 colleges and universities joined in the “White Paper Movement.” Many people were beaten and arrested at the protest.

On November 30, female student Li Kang Meng of Nanjing Institute of Communication, who held up a white paper to protest, was arrested and is currently out of contact.

People who lost contact after the “white paper movement”

In addition to Li Kang Meng, many people have been arrested during the white paper movement. According to preliminary information collected by Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, there have been at least five protesters arrested by the police so far.

Specifically, on the evening of November 29, a student of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University holding a white sheet of paper in his hand was taken away by the school’s leader and security.

After four students participating in memorial activities in Ningbo, Zhejiang province were taken away, 1 student returned and the situation of the other 3 remains unknown.

Qin Chao, a native of Lu’an, Anhui province, was arrested by the police on Urumqi Street Shanghai, on the evening of November 27. Contact was lost around 10:00 p.m. on the same day).

Jing Xueqin from Wuhan disappeared after participating in a protest. She was taken away by unidentified police at 11:30 p.m. on November 28, her status since then remains unknown. 

It was reported that around midnight on November 28 to early morning hours of November 29,  a netizen with WeChat account “Linrimbaud” while talking on the phone with a reporter at his home in Shanghai was interrupted by the police who asked to check his phone. After that the person lost contact.

In addition, Twitter user “China Prisoners of Conscience Database” recently revealed information about several arrested protesters, including Caiyang Lamu, a 23-year-old woman from Lhasa, Tibet, studying at Nanjing Communication University. She has been missing for a few days and there is no news so she may have been arrested. On November 26, Chinese authorities arrested more than 60 students during a protest at Nanjing Communication University.

According to VOA, they are currently unable to confirm the accuracy of the information. Staff from the Shanghai Municipal Propaganda Department declined VOA’s questions by phone.

A video shows a woman saying that, after participating in the protest and returning home, the police came to arrest people in the middle of the night.

On Urumqi Street, Shanghai, after everyone chanted slogans, the CCP police immediately started arresting people.

In addition, another Uyghur was detained by police for unknown reasons while walking on Wangping street in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Video of CCP law enforcement officials “coming to the house to arrest people” was also exposed

Currently, Chinese authorities have not commented on the arrest of the protesters. However, videos of police coming to arrest people have spread on the internet.

Vision Times reported that according to content posted on the internet, the Shanghai government of Urumqi used WeChat health codes, videos, photos, and other records to target people who had taken to the streets or posted a call to protest online. During this whole “targeting” process, the police will come directly to the identified targets to arrest them.

After the related videos were exposed, many netizens commented. Vision Times quoted some comments. 

One said, “Simply a delinquent, tyrannical and unreasonable regime.” 

Another comment, “This government doesn’t hold accountable those who do not put out the fire or those who do not lift the lockdown order, which caused death. On the contrary, they arrest the protesters because they are the so-called trouble-makers. Is this the so-called ‘Great, Glorious, Correct’?!”

Some netizens said that the CCP has recently started requesting local governments remove the lockdown order, which hints at how they will deal with the participants of the white paper revolution. “”To deal with it later” is the traditional guise of the CCP. It is very similar to the method used for the anti-extradition campaign in Hong Kong. “On one hand, the regime loosens pandemic restrictions to make people let down their guard and are misled into thinking that the demonstration has been successful. On the other hand, they will arrest protesters, if they identify anyone that appears to have the courage to object, such a person will be arrested, too. This is the big conspiracy of the CCP.

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