China’s “white paper revolution” has successfully spread. Even overseas Chinese are united, holding sheets of white A4 paper and standing in the streets to demonstrate.

In addition to mourning for the victims in Urumqi, they also criticized the Communist Party’s COVID policy for disrespecting human life. They shouted, “Xi Jinping step down.”

Zhu, a Chinese student in the United States, said that she had never participated in any protests in the past because she always believed that taking to the streets to protest was risky. However, she participated in her first demonstration in Chinatown, in Boston, in solidarity with domestic protesters.

Zhu said, “I feel that I need to stand up. I am fortunate to live a comfortable life in the United States, but many people in China have died because of the strict zero-clearing policy.”

According to a Citizen Daily tally, Chinese living abroad also held hundreds of rallies across the globe.

In this white paper revolution, some even called for Xi Jinping to step down. This slogan also touched many overseas Chinese and made them unite and take to the streets to support the protesters in China. Ava, a protest organizer, believes, “If we continue to advocate for the release of those arrested and put international pressure on the Chinese government, these people may be released earlier and become safer.’

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