Even though COVID has spread all over China, many people are still traveling for the national holiday. As a result many have fallen into the same trap as the tourists in Sanya in Hainan province. Online videos show a lot of tourist cities have been suddenly locked down, forcing people to stay in hotels where room prices have increased. Netizens criticize the local area governments for using the opportunity to “make money.”

More than 80,000 tourists were trapped in the city of Sanya in Hainan province in August, after the city abruptly entered lockdown.

Tourists trapped in Hainan are suffering from exorbitant hotel prices for extended stays. Many are suffering from food shortages and power cuts.

According to screenshots on the internet, some netizens paid nearly $18,000 for their room for only seven days.

In a hotel at Sanya Atlantis Resort, the stranded tourists could be heard shouting in the hotel lobby: Reduce room price!#

The same scenario is repeating, this time in various places in China. 


In one video, a lot of people are seen checking into a hotel on Thursday, October 6. Netizens who broke the story said that this happened in Zhangjiajie in Hunan province after it was suddenly shut down. Many tourists were quarantined in designated hotels by COVID workers.

They were given red codes and couldn’t leave. A lot of tourists protested to the Zhangjiajie municipal government on the same day.

Some netizens complained that Zhangjiajie suddenly shut down, even though train tickets still showed “regular traffic” and railway customer service showed “normal operation.”

A video posted online shows a scene on a train headed for Kunming South Railway Station early in the morning on October 6. Before the train arrived at the station, a COVID worker in one of the train cars told the tourists that after they got off the train, they would be taken to a hotel for quarantine. Each person would be charged 320 yuan or almost $45 per person per day for the duration of their stay.

Screenshots of group chats of visitors from Gaozhuang show them screaming for help. The messages were soon taken down and censored. Many people received threatening phone calls from authorities. Some group chats eventually broke up.

In addition, more than 1,000 tourists from Shanghai are stuck in the city of Jinghong. They have requested Shanghai authorities order a plane charter to get them out.

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