On October 13, Chinese people spread videos at around 2:00 p.m. of a man setting up banners against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing.

The incident happened when the CCP is about to open the 20th National Congress.

The images show that, at the Sitong bridge on the 3rd ring road in Beijing, a man wearing a yellow hat and a red shirt attracted attention by burning something that produced a column of black smoke. The place was crowded at the time. 

Also, this man placed banners with words opposing the CCP policies.

Specifically, the banners read:

No need for nucleic acid testing, need for food.

No need for lockdown, need freedom. 

No need to lie, need respect.

No need for cultural revolution, need for reform.

No need for a communist party leader, need for real elections.

No need for people who only obey orders, need citizens.

A video shared on Twitter after 4 p.m. shows firefighters extinguishing a plume of smoke and police removing the banners, while the man who put them up is not seen.

The incident caused an uproar in the Chinese online community. One netizen wrote that the Chinese who dare not speak up would die in silence. 

Another netizen said that the man is a real warrior. Another commented that many Chinese people are unsatisfied with CCP policy but never dare to speak out. They pray for the man to be safe.

The CCP Internet Regulatory Authority quickly censored the content related to this incident. A Weibo search for keywords such as “anti-CCP banner in Beijing” or “Sitong Bridge incident” shows no results.

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