Before the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP increasingly tightened pandemic prevention measures. As soon as a few cases appeared, the area was immediately locked down and controlled, shocking many.

The Huaguoyuan community in Guiyang, Guizhou province has been locked down for nearly 10 days. Food and daily necessities in the community have been in short supply and prices have increased many times.

A Guizhou resident by the name of Zhang, told Sound of Hope reporters that, food is rationed with a cabbage cut into 4 parts and each household gets a quarter. In some cases he said that households only received one leaf. Many have not eaten for a few days. There is a family with a child about 4 years old who hasn’t eaten in a few days. Care packages are not being distributed but are being sold to residents. Incidents like this creates a shortage people of food and supplies and people then begging to panic.

A resident in Huaguoyuan, Guiyang also said, “Our family consists of 6 people, 2 small children, one is 3 years old. We are running out of powdered milk and we don’t know where to buy it,” according to Sound Of Hope.

Last weekend, residents of Guiyang gathered to ask the community to end the lockdown, but were unsuccessful. Authorities then sent armed police to maintain order. A video was posted by Twitter account @tw_tomy_ on September 12.

The account @ComeAndGo8964 posted a video on September 13, “The police entered Guiyang under martial law.”

The same video posted by netizen @tw_tomy_ showed that the police in Nanming District, Guiyang, had been mobilized, blocking the doors in Huaguoyuan residential area, which has been dubbed as “China’s largest residential complex” with 400,000 residents. This went on all night on September 12.

A resident in Guiyang shared a notice that said the National Health and Medical Commission of China will send a group to Guiyang to monitor conditions and at the same time strengthen controls and block apartment building doors. There will be armed police at the doors and residents are not allowed to step foot outside.

It is known that a forces have also been dispatched from other places to support the pandemic prevention work in Guiyang.

Another netizen in Guiyang revealed that the police are also involved in making money from pandemic prevention. Netizens poke fun at the police. They have a new job: selling vegetables.

NTDTV reported, on September 10, that authorities in many communities in Guiyang not only did not distribute food and supplies for free to the people, but also sold packages at high prices. Residents of many areas rushed to loot supplies at night. After this incident, over 100 residents were arrested. On the evening of September 11, authorities sent people to surround the entire residential area to enforce control.

Currently, residents in the Huaguoyuan community have reflected how the lack of food and supples has not improved, that the famine situation has not improved, while the gates of the building are locked. It is really quite a desperate situation.

One person gave a detailed account, “We can’t believe anything the government says! So far, we’ve only received a few mooncakes and a lunch box!”

Another pointed out, “I also believed in our government from the very beginning, saying that we have enough supplies, the people don’t have to worry. … Our people don’t have high demands of the government, we just want to continue living.”

Locals said that by September 11, food supplies had not improved, hundreds of people had gathered waiting to buy cabbage.

Hungry, angry residents threw stones at pandemic prevention workers wearing white protective suits.

Another city in China, Ili, Xinjiang, has been under lockdown for more than a month. The poignant messages sent by the public show that the local supply of food and necessities is not enough, the sick or pregnant women have no way to get help.

However, the government is not looking to solve the problem. On September 12, authorities in the Ili said that they had arrested six people spreading rumors on the internet. Five netizens have been detained, and 1 person has been placed under investigation, in order to intimidate and silence others.

On the other hand, Neijiang city, Sichuan province, entered the 10th day of tightened lockdowns while there were only 8 cases of the virus. Secretary of the Neijiang Party Committee Zou Zijing announced that the city had “entered a tense wartime state” and asked citizens to “follow updates from official channels.”

According to Taiwan’s CNA, Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently reported that more than 90% of China’s provinces have entered a state of static management.

Some people believe that the secondary disaster caused by the pandemic is not a natural disaster, but a purely man-made disaster, and this man-made disaster will not end with the official announcement, “The pandemic has been effectively controlled.”

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